Apartment for sale, perched over the sea, in Sem Benelli Castle – Zoagli

Apartment of 100 sqm ca. for sale perched over the sea. It has been very well subdivided, with balcony and two parking places. Sem Benelli Castle in Zoagli is an architectural masterpiece. It has been built directly above the sea with an uncontaminated Mediterranean gardens. From the gardens, thanks to a shady walk or a quick stone steps, you arrive at the small house and at the private beach, located in a corner of the Ligurian coast with emerald seawater.

The apartment, unlike many other apartments in Sem Benelli Castle in Zoagli, is arranged almost entirely in only one level. It’s accessible from the scenic staircase of the atrium or from the handy lift. It’s composed by the entrance, a big bright living area, which has been divided in dining room and living area that stretches out onto a romantic sea view balcony.

Vendesi nel Castello Sem Benelli - Zoagli appartamento a picco sul mare
We apologize if photos don’t fully describe the beauty of this place.
Vendesi nel Castello Sem Benelli- Zoagli appartamento a picco sul mare
Vendesi nel Castello Sem Benelli- Zoagli appartamento a picco sul mare
Apartment for sale in Zoagli with breathtaking sea view on the Portofino Promontory
Vendesi nel Castello Sem Benelli- Zoagli appartamento a picco sul mare
Vendesi nel Castello Sem Benelli- Zoagli appartamento a picco sul mare

It’s equipped with two bedrooms, one of which has cloackroom while the other one has walk-in closet. The property is completed by two bathrooms with window, little kitchen, lumber room and two parking places. Central heating for one home only, furniture is included in the sale.

Vendesi appartamento a Zoagli - Camera da letto matrimoniale, con ampia zona guardaroba
Bedroom with roomy cloakroom
Vendesi appartamento sul mare - La seconda camera da letto con bagno privato
Second bedroom with private bathroom.

While entering from the wrought iron gate of the Sem Benelli Castle, you are charmed by the exterior architectural details, which have recently been perfectly restored. The building is a clever fusion of heterogeneous materials such as the stone, the brick and the majolica that, thanks to the two towers, raise the castle between the greenery of the gardens and the blue of the sky.

A castle with private beach and gardens

Una veduta della spiaggia privata del castello Sem Benelli di Zoagli
A view of the private beach of Sem Benelli Castle in Zoagli
Small refuge at the bottom of the park where Sem Benelli found inspiration
A view of the park with handy walk that goes to the sea

An unique apartment, which is directed to the early 1900s architectural admirers. This apartment connects the art and the beauty to the functionality; it’s comparable to a De Chirico or a Picasso’s masterpiece. We suggest, to all the people who are interested, to book an appointment to visit this apartment, because photos don’t fully describe it.

Asking price 1.350.000 Euro, a little negotiable. Common charges 2.700 Euro yearly.

As added value we offer, next to our real estate intermediation, also consultancy in collaboration with professional men for technical aspects, legal sides, fiscal aspects and notary sides. For foreign clients we have also mother tongue interpreters.

Sem Benelli Castle, when art merges with beauty

Alcuni particolari del maestoso ingresso del castello Sem Benelli
Some details of the majestic entrance of Sem Benelli Castle in Zoagli

Sem Benelli Castle has been declared National Monument. It has been realized in 1914 by the architect and set designer Giuseppe Mancini for the poet, writer and dramatist Sem Benelli, who is remembered for La cena delle beffe and other theatrical works. This majestic building is composed by a main building with two towers. Several materials have been used such as stone, bricks and marble and they remind the Coppedè style.

Il castello di Sem Benelli visto dal parco privato che si estende fino al mare

The compactness of the Castle is soften by the curved lines. The Castle, perched over the turquoise sea, has a perfect location. It’s setted between the blue of the sea and the Mediterranean greenery.

Particolari architettonici del castello Sem Benelli di Zoagli
The entire property where are the gardens, the beach and the little house on the rocks that Sem Benelli used both to write and to be inspired for his latest works. Today it’s a common property with the terrace, which is simply perfect to sunbathe or to watch the Gulf while reading a good book.

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