To the discovery of Portofino: what to do and where to go

Tourist guide of Portofino: what to do, where to go, events, information and services offered

This seaside village needs no introduction: Portofino is the village by definition of the Gulf of Tigullio. Do not be deceived by dimension of the village because Portofino – in addition to famous brands and vip – offers numerous opportunities of culture, sport and entertainment. Do you want to discover what to do and where to go during your holiday in Portofino? Here’s a short guide to the possibilities that are waiting for you: a quick digression of useful information between attractions, events and breathtaking hikes.

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Main attractions in Portofino

Brown Castle

Portofino dove andare - castello brown

San Giorgio fortress, then recall Brown Castle ( from the English consul that became owner in 1867), is a structure with Roman foundations. Around the year 1000 it was given to the Benedictines of San Fruttuoso, later it passed by the Consuls of Rapallo and in the 15th century by Genoese. In 1867 it became private residence and in 1961 the new owner became the Town Council. A fairy-tale garden and dreamy terraces give a breathtaking view of Portofino.

Portofino Lighthouse

Portofino dove andare - il faro di portofino

Portofino Lighthouse is located on the slopes of Mount at the entrance of the famous bay. It’s accessible by a path which is completely immersed in the greenery and once you reach it, the panorama that you find takes your breath away. To report also the beautiful submerge rocks with naturalistic value where you can find several kind of gorgonians, red coral and several species of fish.

San Giorgio Church

Portofino dove andare - chiesa di san giorgio

From 1154, date of the first construction, to today it was destroyed four times because of acts of war and it has always been rebuilt. In San Giorgio Church some relics of the Saint, who is patron saint of Portofino, are kept in a memorial chapel realized in the hard pudding-stone under the high altar of the church. From the churchyard and the square opposite the church there’s an evocative panorama of the village. Also the cemetery, back to the church, is very interesting.

Divo Martino Church

Portofino dove andare - chiesa divo martino

The parish church is dedicated to San Martino of Tours and they think that it has been built in 986 in Romanesque style and then it has been reshuffled. The church keeps artistic treasure like the big wooden sculpture by Maragliano which represents Christ, Mary Magdalen, Saint Joseph, Joseph of Arimathea and Our Lady of Sorrows.

Museum of the Park

Portofino informazioni - il museo del parco

Close to San Giorgio Church, in the area that goes down to the dock, it has been created a Museum of the Park – International Centre of outdoor sculpture. This area, which is completely immersed in the greenery, gives extraordinary views on Portofino and it’s enriched by sculptures of Pomodoro, Messina, Marrai, Costa and other contemporary artists.

Il Teatrino

Portofino informazioni - il teatrino

Il Teatrino, located in the heart of the village, boasts noble birth of producer Giorgio Strehler and, during the seventies, it was at the top thanks to pieces of famous actors. It represents an unique exemplary of modern theatre thanks to its fishing architecture, recently built.

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What to do in Portofino

Canoe and Kayak

Cosa fare a Portofino - canoa e kayak

A big opportunity for those who love living the sea in a sustainable way. In Niasca Bay, close to Paraggi, it’s possible to carry out guided tours and courses, to rent canoes, kayak sit on top, sup or the snorkeling equipment.

Boat trips

Cosa fare a Portofino - gite ed escursioni in battello

Between many possibilities, a boat trip can’t be missed in the Gulf of Tigullio, in addition to the evocative San Fruttuoso bay, the Cinque Terre or eno-gastronomic tours. Consult lines and timetable.

80 Km of paths

Cosa fare a Portofino - sentieri parco Portofino

All the paths in Parco di Portofino are more than 80 km long. Dozens of routes satisfy all tastes and hiking abilities in the heart of one of the most fascinating protected environment. Discover all paths.

Scuba diving

Cosa fare a Portofino - subacquea e immersioni

Promontory of Portofino offers numerous fascinating dive sites for all lovers of scuba diving in a marine environment which is full of flora and fauna thanks also to the creation of the marine protected area. It’s also possible to dive in caves and wreckages.

Important events in Portofino

S.Giorgio bonfire

manifestazioni e eventi a Portofino  - festa falò di San Giorgio Portofino

Every 23rd of April San Giorgio is celebrated with ancient popular customs. Both for inhabitants and for tourists, it’s a very sincere day and all people are involved thanks to procession of ark of the saint in the streets, waiting for the traditional bonfire and the Penolla rite. The evening ends with an enchanting fireworks show.

Clip – Concorso lirico

manifestazioni e eventi a Portofino  - Clip Concorso lirico Portofino

The Concorso Lirico Internazionale di Portofino (International Opera Competition of Portofino) was born in 2015 to join the beauty of the village and the most promising voices of young opera singers in the world who have the possibility to win cash prizes and to find job opportunities in the most important theatres in Europe. The competition finishes at the end of July with a big concert of finalists in “Piazzetta”.

Siad Trophy

manifestazioni e eventi a Portofino  - trofeo siad bombola d'oro

Siad Bombola d’Oro Trophy, a regatta organized by the Italian Yacht Club, is by now a classic of sailing season. An appointment not to be missed for all lovers of a rich class such as Dinghy 12’, of sailing and of sea. This regatta takes place in May, over three days, to give in to Gulf of Tigullio whims.

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Main contacts

Town hall of Portofino Piazza della Libertà, 13 – Tel. +39 0185.26771 IAT – Tourist Office Via Roma 35 – Tel. +39 0185.269024 N.S. di Montallegro Hospital Via S. Pietro 8 – Tel. +39 0185.683111 A&E in Lavagna Via Don Bobbio, 25 – Lavagna Portofino Surgery Via del Fondaco 1 – Tel.  +39 0185.269312 Internazionale chemist’s Piazza della Libertà, 6 – Tel. +39 0185.269101 Portofino Car Park Piazza della Libertà, 13/A – Tel. +39 0185.267475 Post Office Via Roma 36 – Tel. +39 0185.269156 Portofino Police Piazza della Libertà 13 – Tel. +39 0185.269440 Portofino Coast Guard Calata Marconi 47 – Tel. 39 0185.269040 Carabinieri Portofino Via del Fondaco 3 – Tel. +39 0185.269088

Information about Portofino

Population and territory

Portofino is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Genoa. In January 2019 it counted 387 inhabitants and a surface of 2,53 Km²

Tourist Tax

Since 2018 Portofino, such as neighbouring resorts, enforces Tourist Tax from the 1st of March to the 31st of October. Tourist Tax concerns also furnished apartments for tourist use. More information.

How to get to Portofino

By Car To reach Portofino by the motorway A12 Genoa-Rosignano, you must exit to Rapallo, follow indication for Santa Margherita Ligure and then follow SP27. By Bus Portofino is directly linked by Atp bus with Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure. By Plane Portofino is only 45 km away from Genoa Airport

Other unmissable destinations close to Portofino

Close to Portofino there are a lot of cities that deserve a visit during your holiday in Gulf of Tigullio, such as the close Santa Margherita Ligure or the timeless Rapallo,  the evocative Camogli, with the breathtaking houses perched over the sea, or the east seaside resorts: from Zoagli to Chiavari and Sestri Levante, which is famous for the Bay of Silence.

San Fruttuoso

Ancient Benedictine monastery, dating back to 1000, was used as a pirate base and then as a fishing village. A true oasis which is located between the sea and the greenery of Mount Portofino.

Parco di Portofino

Since 1935 Parco di Portofino, with 80Km of paths, protects flora, fauna and the beauty of the territory of Tigullio offering memorable experiences to its visitors.

Acquario Genova

The Acquario di Genova, which is made rich by the interior department “Giardino tropicale – Un battito d’ali”, is the biggest exposition of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. An unique destination, not to be missed.

Santuario cetacei

The boat trip in the heart of “Santuario dei cetacei” is perfect for people of all ages. The aim: search and observation of 8 species of sea mammals that populate the marine area.