To the discovery of Zoagli: What to do and where to go

Zoagli information, events, wht to do and where to go

Do you want to discover what to do and where to go during your holiday in Zoagli? Here’s a short guide to the possibilities that are waiting for you: a quick digression of useful information between attractions, recurring events and breathtaking hikes outside Zoagli. Every day of the year, the village gives to tourists the atmosphere of a little sea village, which is typical on Gulf of Tigullio, but at the same time it offers every comfort to its guests, with excellent restaurants, a striking network of paths and a crystal-clear sea water.

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Main attractions in Zoagli

A breathtaking promenade, carved into the rock, which is delimited by two sighting towers, that covers two little pebble beaches. It’s a very spectacular promenade both at day and night. The two Torri Saracene, Castello Canevaro, Sem Benelli Castle, the churches in the hamlets are some examples of the rich artistic heritage of Zoagli.

The Torre Saracena

Dove andare - Torre Saracena Zoagli

The Torre Saracena (one of the two ancient fortifications of the village) is located to the east of the central beach of Zoagli, on a rocky spur perched over the sea. An historical evocative place which is used today to celebrate weddings, cultural events and exhibitions. A breathtaking panorama can be admired from the terrace.

Castello Canevaro

Zoagli Castello Canevaro

An ancient residence, surrounded by gardens, was born and developed over the centuries around the watchtower. In 1550 works began to the construction of the tower. In the same year the first construction phase of the castle started and today it’s known as Castello Canevaro; it has become an ideal location for events, concerts and wedding banquets.

Sem Benelli Castle

Zoagli Castello Sem Benelli

Sem Benelli Castle is one of the most well-known monuments of Zoagli. In 1914 it has been designed by Giuseppe Mancini for the playwright; then it has been transformed in a luxury home and it has been divided in original masterpieces such as the evocative western tower or the exclusive sea front apartment with romantic terrace.

Zoagli promenade

Dove andare - La passeggiata a mare di Zoagli

An enchanting route between rocks and little bays at the two sides of the central beach. It’s lit at night to allow the access to the sea in a long stretch of coast. While following the promenade, you get in touch with the nature and the adjective “romantic” is never excessive.

S.Martino church

Dove andare - La chiesa di San Martino a Zoagli

The parish church has been built between 1726 and 1728 and it’s located in the heart of Zoagli. In addition to the valuable typical risseu that composed the churchyard, inside there are also two wooden statues attributed  to the famous woodcarver Anton Maria Maragliano.


Dove andare - La chiesa di Sant'Ambrogio a Zoagli

Together with hamlets of San Pietro, Cerisola and Semorile, Sant’Ambrogio is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful hill corners of Zoagli, where lived writer Ezra Pound. It’s worth visiting the same name church where from churchyard can be admired an unique view all over the Gulf.

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What to do in Zoagli

Visit to silk factories

Cosa fare a Zoagli - Visita alle seterie

Since the middle ages, Zoagli hands down a very precious art or rather the handcrafted production of damasks and velvets. Two are the factories that, still today, hand down this ancient local tradition and they deserve to be visited: La Tessitura Gaggioli and Le Seterie Cordani.

Scuba diving

Cosa fare a Zoagli - immersioni subacquee

Zoagli and Promontory of Portofino offer numerous fascinating dive sites for all lovers of scuba diving in a marine environment which is full of flora and fauna thanks also to the creation of the marine protected area. It’s also possible to dive in caves and wreckages.

Hikes immerse in nature

Cosa fare a Zoagli - Escursioni nel verde

Seven routes in a labyrinth of creuze, typical Ligurian mule track, welcome hikers between the Mediterranean greenery and “fasce” which are cultivated with olive trees. Through the hills also Chiavari and Montallegro can be reached. Look up the trail map.

Important events in Zoagli

Madonna del mare

Zoagli manifestazioni - Madonnina del mare

The Madonna del Mare statue is situated on the seabed. On 5 August it’s commemorated at night with floating small lights, skin-divers’ procession that puts down a laurel wreath at the feet of the statue, music, gastronomy and pyrotechnical show on the sea.

Marcia 5 campanili

Zoagli manifestazioni - la marcia dei cinque campanili

The third Sunday in May, Zoagli is synonym of “Marcia dei cinque campanili”: it’s a cross-country race through paths of the ancient Roman road that connects the ancient churches of San Pietro di Rovereto, Semorile, San Pantaleo, Sant’Ambrogio and San Martino.

Christmas markets

Zoagli events - Christmas markets

The most important event in winter time is Christmas markets which are normally stage in Piazza XXVII Dicembre during the weekend of Immaculate Conception. A market/exhibition of Christmas where are also attended craftsmans, artists and farmers.

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Contacts and services in Zoagli

Town hall of  Zoagli P.zza XXVII Dicembre 2 – Tel. +39 0185.25051

N.S. di Montallegro Hospital Via S. Pietro 8 Rapallo – Tel. +39 0185.683111 A&E in Lavagna Via Don Bobbio, 25 – Lavagna Croce Bianca Rapallese Piazza Cile 5 Rapallo – Tel. +39 0185.230000 Volontari del Soccorso Via Arpinati 20A Rapallo – Tel. +39 0185.262626

Carabinieri Zoagli Via Mons. Zunino 1 A – Tel. +39 0185.259059

Valiera chemist’s Piazza XXVII Dicembre 8 – Tel. +39 0185.259041

Poste Italiane Piazza XXVII Dicembre 1 – Tel. +39 0185.258296

Taxi Via Merello – Tel. +39 0185.259385

Emergency services 112 Maritime emergency 1530 Fire Department 115 Ranger Tel. +39 0185 399163

Information about Zoagli

Population and territory

Zoagli is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Genoa. In November 2018 it counted 2.416 inhabitants and a surface of 7,79 Km²

Tourist Tax

Since 2018 Zoagli, such as neighbouring resorts, enforces Tourist Tax from the 1st of March to the 31st of October. Tourist Tax concerns also furnished apartments for tourist use. More information.

How to get to Zoagli

By Car: Zoagli is located between Chiavari and Rapallo; both cities are connected with motorway A12 Genoa-Rosignano. When you exit from one of the two tollgates, it’s sufficient to turn into SS1 Aurelia that links Genoa and La Spezia. By Train: Zoagli is connected to the line Genoa-La Spezia with local trains. By Plane: Zoagli is only 43 km away from Genoa Airport.

Transport services

Connections with Atp bus or Taxi (Tel. +39 0185.259385)

Other unmissable destinations close to Zoagli

Close to Zoagli there are a lot of cities that deserve a visit during your holiday in Gulf of Tigullio, such as the timeless Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure or the famous Portofino, the evocative Camogli, with the breathtaking houses perched over the sea, or the east seaside resorts: from Chiavari to Sestri Levante, which is famous for the Bay of Silence.

San Fruttuoso

Ancient Benedictine monastery, dating back to 1000, was used as a pirate base and then as a fishing village. A true oasis which is located between the sea and the greenery of Mount Portofino.

Parco di Portofino

Since 1935 Parco di Portofino, with 80Km of paths, protects flora, fauna and the beauty of the territory of Tigullio offering memorable experiences to its visitors.

Acquario Genova

The Acquario di Genova, which is made rich by the interior department “Giardino tropicale – Un battito d’ali”, is the biggest exposition of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. An unique destination, not to be missed.

Santuario cetacei

The boat trip in the heart of “Santuario dei cetacei” is perfect for people of all ages. The aim: search and observation of 8 species of sea mammals that populate the marine area.